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Entry #7

here's a brand new gun just 4u "the hammer of gods,A.W.P"

2010-01-18 09:42:00 by sergge

THEESE GUNS ROCK!!!!!! this is one of the most powerful weapon ever invented,remember,1shot1kill!

here's a brand new gun just 4u "the hammer of gods,A.W.P"


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2010-01-18 22:57:31

Don't mind that dick. You know you can still change your age after selecting it. I mean you were drunk. If you felt like changing it you can.

(Updated ) sergge responds:

yeah i know....i wii change it tomorow
and about that guy,dont worry...i know how to solve this one


2010-01-18 22:58:19

Let me stay on topic.

I like the gun.

sergge responds:

great! ill bring new pics soon


2010-01-19 17:50:58

You know that dick PandaCakeMonster? You commented on his page. m/
He deleted your comment after making a remark on you. And he deleted the comment I left saying how Nintendo doesn't suck and how young he must be just to act like that.

sergge responds:

well....i personally prefer sony(psp),i dont like nintedo,the psp can do much more,for example,the psp can run windows,has betterCPU,better RAM and the games are better,and the psp is SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to hack ;)


2010-01-20 22:29:28

Yeah, you're the person that said Nintendo sucks ass. That's how I found your page.

(I teard as I read your comment...)

sergge responds:

ok.sorry man,i was angry,a long time ago nintendo disappointed me,so i dont like them,they dont suck ass,but i still dont like them,sony are horrible persons but they do WONDERFUL products,nintendo is the oposite,didn't mean to hut you,if you dont know i come from a country far away in europe and there sony has the lead,sooooo............maybe ill try to understand nintedo and i will change my poin of view
PS:if you dont understand what im saying is because in my countre people are stupid and dont know much english ;)
PS2:why dont you send me messages instead of comments?