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Great job! This is an excellent use of the madness universe to achieve something original, I liked it a lot and how you made use of many different weapons, If you intend making more ww2 themed madness movies, i suggest using some explosives like the panzerfaust...ore even some tanks!
Anyway, amasingly well done on all aspects, keep up the good work!

Verry well done! I haven't seen good madness animations arround here in some time, most have choppy animation or are extremely short, but this is truly a masterpiece! Everything blends in so well, I really enjoyed watching it. Keep up the good work, you are truly a talent and I look forward to see more from you!

VladClown responds:

Thanks dude

Okay,soooo all seemed pretty normal until the end....wich shocked me, and then made me laugh to tears. This was a verry good ideea and really unpredictable, so I'm waiting to see more from you :)

Diotoons responds:

thanks man!

great work!

i never thought that 60 frames can mean so much.....
some of them were verry good so it's really worth the effort

SteakandKidneyPie responds:

Yes it was. In the next one, all parts will have quality

super mijto

nu prea vezi romani pe syte-ul asta

nothing to see here

has lots of bugs,it is just a stupid loop that crashes after 4 seconds and i dont understand how there were needed 4 guys to do this,soooooooooooo......do some real stuff and you will get a better score

verry good!

next time try to use better graphics

Ludamage responds:

Emmm..what do you mean better graphics? It's high level of animation i can do now ^_^
In anyway thanx for the advice and good rate )


like the story.....make a part 2

Rutger responds:

working on it (:

i am sorry for you and the FF

some of your things were funny....some were not......but that didn't matter....................it's all over......rest in peace,FF

JeremyJefferies responds:


i love the pictures

make a part 2

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